with Megan Hottman

Ep 6: Listen in Faith with Tiffany Hottman

Episode 6: Tiffany Hottman

While I was in Nebraska to race Gravel Worlds, I had the chance to see family in Omaha.  It was during that visit that my cousin Tiffany began to share some of her recent experiences ... and I knew I had to get this out to our listeners! 



-The Bible Project - Tiffany loves this project and website and highly recommends it.

-5-second rule ... The Ted Talk Tiffany references HERE

-The Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible- Tiffany loves this for historical/cultural narration/context (HERE).

-Finally, she recommends journaling, and reading Power Through Prayer.



You can work on your outside appearance till you’re blue in the face, but what does your heart look like?
— Tiffany Hottman