with Megan Hottman

Ep 16: Demi McConkie: Soul Purpose

Soul Purpose is: Who you are, and the impact you want to make. The best way you can gain clarity-today -is writing. It can help you discern truth.
— Demi McConkie

I’ve been working with Demi now since February 2018 and her work has changed my life. She’s helped me tune in to my soul nudges, start to hone in on my soul purpose and figure out ways to add things in my life that allow me to pursue it while removing things from my life that distract me or detract from my full-pursuit of it… She’s helped me suss out what I stand for -what drives me -what my WHY is… . The visualization work we’ve done has repeatedly brought me to tears- both from a sense of relief (as I’ve imagined life without some of the things that exhaust or depress me), and joy (as I’ve imagined my future life and how it looks and the difference I hope to make)…

In short- this woman is a gift to me -and now, to you. This podcast is one you’ll want to listen to a few times and you’ll probably want to be sure you’re sitting somewhere you can take notes and do some of the exercises she recommends. I promise you once you hear this one, you’ll want more. But- start here. If you’ve never considered your soul purpose- or those nudges- those ways the universe keeps trying to steer you towards your calling - this episode will change you forever, while blowing your mind. Your heart and body have been talking to you since birth - but perhaps this is your first wakeup call… Perhaps this is the first time someone showed you how to LISTEN. Buckle in friends - this one is a game-changer.

To learn more about Demi, visit WealthFactory.com or her new website (coming soon!) at WealthyWomenNow.biz

An exercise I recommend:
If I had six months left to live, how would I spend it?
— Demi McConkie