with Megan Hottman

Ep.15: Drew Chambers on Scary/Sexy Startups

The “Start-up” … When I think of that word, I think of big risks, big ideas, big money, and loads of hustle. I’ve been talking with Drew about this new startup he’s involved in (cor.us), and I wanted to learn more. And we talked about more… one of biggest takeaways for me from this interview is who we seek and accept feedback from - whether as a startup fundraiser, or a human trying to be our best self. Develop your cabinet of trusted advisors and then learn to disregard the rest. Also- journaling - bring the inside, outside. There seems to be a theme among successful and happy people -and their journaling habits.

Book recommendation: https://www.nirandfar.com/hooked

I have a notebook that I do some of my own notetaking and self evaluation, and really be honest. Going back and assessing your own performance and yourself, and also garnering feedback from them.
— Drew Chambers