with Megan Hottman

Ep 10: Michael and Public Service

I really respect and admire people who choose to do hard things -regardless of pay, and despite the stress. I am always curious where that fire comes from. So naturally, I wanted to interview Boulder County’s newest DA, Michael Dougherty. Imagine running a large office of DAs and support staff; running for office; and maintaining one’s own stressful caseload involving some of the worst crimes and most deserving victims. Then…try putting all 3 together -while parenting and running ultras. This man is truly energized and is an energizer to those around him. Enjoy this episode!

Life is too short and too precious to come home from work unhappy every day- so I’ve always been driven on one level by finding a job or profession I feel dedicated to and passionate about, that I can wake up every morning looking forward to the challenges of the day.
— Michael Dougherty
This is the greatest honor and one of the most incredible moments of my life because of all of you.
— Michael Dougherty, as quoted in Daily Call after winning the election