with Megan Hottman

Ep 4: Gravel Worlds & Giving Back with Corey and Craig

If you wanna have something in your community and you don’t have it, just do it yourself. It’s the punk rock mantra: if you don’t have a scene, you build one.
— Corey Godfrey, Gravel Worlds Co-Founder

The day before Gravel Worlds, I had the chance to sit down with race organizers Craig and Corey.  I wanted to know - why?  Why give up your time, money, vacation days, energy, and sleep- to put on a demanding event like this?  What do they get back from it?  Turns out - a lot.  Serving others actually serves them both in really meaningful ways. Many people do things like this to make money on the side but for these guys- just the opposite.  It's to give back - to the cycling community, and also the larger local community.