with Megan Hottman

Ep 21: Eileen O'Rourke: GoFarm

The GoFarm mission is to increase
the supply of and access to affordable,
fresh, healthy, local food in the state of Colorado.

I just adore Eileen. She is one of those humans literally changing our communities, making a big difference and honestly, saving lives with good, heathy food. If we are what we eat, then I’m a better human for having eaten GoFarm shares this year.

GoFarm is trying to connect you to your local agriculture. And it has a very systematic-approach. So we are focusing on both ends of the local food supply chain: the producer, through farmer assistance. and the consumer, through consumer access. So that everyone regardless of income, can access healthy food.
— Eileen O'Rourke, GoFarm Founder & CEO

Seriously though- she and her team are honestly changing food systems, building a community around her organization, GoFarm, and employing part-time and full-time farmers. I became a shareholder in 2018 after driving by the GoFarm containers for the last few years and oh my gosh… the proof is in the way I look, feel, and behave towards my food now. (Ahem- and did I mention I took 33 minutes off my best half-ironman time this summer, thanks largely due to the plant-based GoFarm food I’ve been eating since early May!) … I just cannot emphasize enough, how meaningful and impactful GoFarm and Eileen (and her team), are. Revolutionary, I tell you.

I hope you’ll find a way to get involved in this group or one just like it in a community near you.

Want to try their new WINTER share? Click HERE.

Want to become a donor, board member, and/or volunteer? Want to apply to their farming incubator program or inter/externships?

Visit Go Farm’s website HERE.

Eileen recommended this book: Letters to a Young Farmer 

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