with Megan Hottman
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Ep 11: Stu: Aligning Personal & Professional Ethos

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Meet my friend Stu - a vegan, environmentalist, ultra-runner, mountain-biker, entrepreneur… He shares some great insights on aligning personal and professional ethos -which adds purpose and the WHY to one’s business pursuits and goals. He is the co-founder of RelishStudio.com- a digital marketing group.

We talk about his recent pro bono project, as well as 1 % for the Planet. Check out these links and his website to learn more, and give Relish Studio a follow on Insta too!

I think that the vast majority of people just go through life taking that grocery bag, or going to the coffee shop and getting a disposable thing every day…so just being thoughtful, thinking about how we live in this world. And yes we’re one person, but I’m the only person I can control fully, so I’m going to make decisions that feel right to me. So -If I’m on a hike and there’s trash on the ground, I’ll pick it up. . .
And that makes me feel good.
— Stuart Swineford