with Megan Hottman

Ep 2 (and 2.5): Sobriety And Living Fully-Optimized with Jay Thomas

Once you get so far into it and you have that support system around you, you won’t look back.  You just won’t.  I’m a different person. 
— Jay Thomas

(I apologize for the background noise; we sat outside at a coffee shop to have this conversation...luckily you can hear Jay really well.  I went ahead and spilled kombucha on my laptop to kick us off!).

We get deep, and we get there quick, on this special 2-part episode with my friend Jay Thomas.  Sobriety. Alcoholism. Recovery. ...  Don't miss this one. 

In episode 1, Jay offers to be available for people who think they may need to address their drinking.  He can be reached at  jayt@champ-sys.com. 

In episode 2, we talk about his low point and the first steps he took to start his recovery.  *And we talk about living an intentional life. Also -our mutual love and appreciation for the Rich Roll podcast. I specifically reference this episode during our talk - in the context of addiction.  

We cover a lot of ground in 2, thirty-minute segments, and it's so so good.  I am really grateful that Jay was willing to go deep on this podcast. 

Recommended resources:

I recently read Sober Entrepreneur and I highly recommend it.  

I also love this app: http://imdonedrinking.com/