with Megan Hottman

Ep.35: Give Back Box


I stumbled on this organization when I ordered a chair for my standing desk from fully.com - -on the side of the box there was a URL for filling up the box and using it to donate items -and it ended with givebackbox. I checked it out and learned I could print off a label and use the box to donate a lot of items and ship them for FREE to a non-profit/charity who can put them to good use. The idea of using a box from a brand new item, to donate used and old items, absolutely lit me up. Reduce- reuse - recycle AND donate and serve others. What an amazing story, this woman is truly inspiring and I hope you’ll use a box soon to ship a donation box!

go through life and see things (as) interesting, and all of a sudden you will have an interesting life… otherwise you miss opportunities, days, life, and then you have dreams that are never accomplished… always look at things as interesting and all of a sudden they are!
— Monika Wiela, Founder, Give Back Box