with Megan Hottman

Ep. 18: Jason Sani: Quality In, Quality Out!


I had the pleasure of meeting Jason at a gym awhile back, and there is nothing cooler or more fun for me, than enjoying conversation about the things I’m so passionate about -health, wellness, optimization, biohacking, thriving - over a workout, or during workout recovery. We literally explored some of these topics getting out of hot tubs and cold tubs in a recovery facility and I immediately bought his cook book to learn more. It was clear to me we had to get Jason on the podcast ;) I also hired him as my nutrition coach leading into my fourth Ironman (4 weeks out!) and I’m thrilled to have his help and oversight as I’m continually refining my nutrition looking for better results and better recovery. We truly can thrive with some adjustments to our approach to food. I can’t get enough of the science, analysis, inquiry.

*For some tech-silly reason, his audio didn’t come across super clear so forgive us for that, but the content is well worth your listen! I think you’ll find his stoke-factor as intriguing and uplifting as I do.

I want to get people addicted to feeling good- and that starts with adding in foods that are gonna have a high net gain -focusing on adding in foods with benefits that make you feel good and that will crowd out foods that don’t have as much nutritional benefit or nourishment. It’s trying to upgrade your habits and rituals!
— Jason Sani

Find him on instagram HERE: https://www.instagram.com/jasonsani/