with Megan Hottman

Ep 1: The Origin Story with Host Megan Hottman

What is the Maximum Enthusiasm podcast ?

Episode 1: The Origin Story: What is the Maximum Enthusiasm Podcast?

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So ... how do some people maintain positivity, day in and day out?  They've had hard days too - just like the rest of us - and yet, their enthusiasm seems limitless.  How do people who've seen hard things, lived through hard things, still have the energy and spark to project light into the world and to provide energy to people they encounter?  

How do we craft our best days and string them together, one after another -in the pursuit of a life of "maximum enthusiasm?" 

Join me as I ask questions of the people I admire - let's add some value to your commute and perhaps, a smile to your day.  Enjoy. 

I suffered some serious injuries in a fluke bike crash back in May 2017. I had to let my big goals for the season, go. My body and brain were hurting, and getting back to a place of health and wellness took awhile.