with Megan Hottman

Ep.19: Katie F'n Compton!

Katie F’n Compton is an incredible woman, athlete, and ambassador of awesome… she’s a bad ass and I sure respect and admire her a lot.

If you don’t follow bike racing, you may not have any clue what CYCLOCROSS is… in short, it’s a fall/winter/hard-man/hard-woman sport that involves crit-like speed and acceleration + dismounting, carrying the the bike, navigating snow and muddy-off-camber turns and all kinds of mud jammed up in those bike gear. There is a bike pit and bikes are cleaned and swapped and there are barriers and all kinds of crazy challenges. And while she’s been racing bikes in so many disciplines since she was 10 years old, KFC has truly been a force on the CX scene… 14-time national champion among other things on her palmares ;) .

“Katie Compton is the most successful American cyclocross athlete in the history of the sport. With over 130+ International victories and 14 consecutive cyclocross National Championships, 24 World Cup wins and 5 World Championships medals. Compton also races on the Road, MTB Enduro, and has been known to occasionally race autocross with her husband. 

Compton races cyclocross in the United States lives in Belgium during her European races schedule. Compton is a Trek Bikes athlete. “ — learn more at her website here: https://www.katiefncompton.com/


Check out this recent video of Katie rolling her tubular tire back on!