with Megan Hottman

Ep. 23: Donna Parker : Know Your True Values and Highest Priorities


Hello Maximum Enthusiasm fans!!! I can’t wait to share this woman with all of you! She’s helped me make some major shifts and breakthroughs in my life … She’s helped me figure out what’s going on in my head and my heart and she’s taught me so much.

She recommends this VALUES ASSESSMENT in the show -check it out.

If you’d like to meet her or work with her after you hear this episode, her contact information is below:

WEBSITE: Evolvewithdonnaparker.com

Donna.parker@comcast.net // 720-2313906 (text to schedule/consultant)

 About Donna:

Global coach, Marriage and Family Therapist, Demartini facilitator, Advanced Synergistic Play Therapist, Parent Educator, and EMDR Practitioner, Donna Parker is the founder of Evolve Coaching.

She works with clients of all ages on many issues ranging from parenting, neuroscience to business building. Her progressive approach allows her to meet the needs of a full spectrum of clients, and assist clients to deal with issues and help them to take life-changing inspired action in quantum time.

As a lecturer and educator, she believes that everyone has the potential for greatness and success. Encouraging, relatable, humorous, and empathetic, Donna has educated thousands of people about how to rewire their brains and recondition their bodies to make lasting changes.

Donna Parker uses research from the latest findings of neuroscience, epigenetic, and quantum physics to guide her practice. She uses this knowledge and 25 years of clinical experience to assist clients to understand their behavior and the keys to empowerment.

we all have this fantasy of who we think we “should” be and often we aren’t clear on exactly what our highest values are, and we’re subordinating to injected values from society, our parents, messages, and so so much of it is to first get clear on what our highest values are and what’s most important to us.
— Donna Parker