with Megan Hottman

Ep. 20: Rich Kaudy, on Social Media and lawyering


Rich is a friend, mentor, and role model. I first met him back in 2008 and we’ve co-counseled cases, attended CLEs and conferences together, celebrated victories and vented about defeats together -in life and in law -ever since. I admire him so much, for so many reasons. On this podcast, we talk about a very specific issue we are seeing more and more in personal injury cases, and that is the problem of social media being used against our clients … Insurance companies will pay big money to put personal injury plaintiffs under surveillance; social media provides it to them for FREE, 24/7, and in a format they can easily show at trial. Our clients meanwhile, think they are simply staying “connected to their networks” by posting online while their case is pending.

We talk about the dangers of social media, and then we get into other aspects of lawyering as well… and whether you’re a lawyer or not, or a personal injury plaintiff or not, I think you’ll all find this episode very interesting!

...we’re in the dignity business. We want to preserve it and promote it. I find it heartbreaking, when people don’t see what they can do to discredit themselves, it’s very disheartening.
— Rich Kaudy

Recommended book: David K Reynolds – playing ball on running water

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