with Megan Hottman
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Ep. 17: Chris Warner: Business, Leadership, and Seizing Opportunities

How lucky are we, to have this amazing person right here in Golden, Colorado? I loved talking with Chris -a super successful guide, expedition-leader, leadership expert, and business founder…

Talk about being multi-faceted. And yet, he has amazing perspective - and he preaches GETTING AWAY in order to stay sharp and refresh. Imagine that-this man who has climbed the world’s tallest, toughest peaks, and who built this incredible empire- he isn’t saying WORK HARD, or WORK MORE, he says that going away and getting a clean break from the day-to-day and the drain of business ownership, is one of the keys to his happy and successful life.

Visit his website to learn more about him here.

Check out the book FLOW that he recommends here.

It’s incumbent on all of us to be passionate about the work we do.
— Chris B. Warner
Photo Oct 11, 8 33 33 PM.jpg
There are 4 keys to a successful leader:
PARTNERSHIP (trust & caring)
— Chris B. Warner